We, AN CHIAO Industrial Co., Ltd, established in 1994 is a professional manufacturer and exporter for Japanese vehicles, vessels, compressor and agriculture engines parts. 

As a manufacturer, AN CHIAO mainly produce cylinder liners for diesel engines, cylinder liners for gasoline engines, cylinder liners for marine engines, cylinder liners for compressor engines, cylinder liners for agricultural engines and cylinder liner kit.  As a exporter, we specializes in liners (said sleeves), piston, piston ring and gasket, gasket set, valve guide, valve, valve seat, and glow plug for various type of engines; and exports the goods to the worldwide market.

We offer automobile cylinder liner kit parts for brands as

Our engine cylinder sleeves provide two types of chemical treatmet. One type is “Phosphated” for anti-rusted and abrasion resistance, and the other type is Nitriding treatment for enhance hardness, anti-rusted,abrasion and high temperature resistance. As well, for marine engine liners, most of them have red or white paint on outside body for anti-corrosion. The fundamental purpose is to improve service life of cylinder liners.
Also it's most welcomed that, sleeve liner samples to develop new business to the market with your esteemed company. We have rich experiences in automobile field and enjoy an excellent reputation for more than 25 years. Therefore, we are confident of providing our customers high-quality products and good services. In case of items not listed in cylinder liners list, we are welcoming samples or accurate size to meet client's requirements.